Aluminum + Wood Patio Openings

Aluminium Clad Wood Sliding Patio doors are one of the many different sliding door styles that you can choose for your patio. Being a very popular, traditional and elegant option, you may be familiar with wood and aluminium sliding patio doors but what exactly is an aluminium clad wood sliding patio door?

Aluminium clad wood sliding patio doors are the latest generation patio doors for the contemporary style home. Maximum day light entrance, panoramic views and a wall of sliding glass are just a few of the exclusive features of aluminium clad wood sliding doors that homeowners will experience.

The Benefits

Smooth Operation

One of the brilliant key features of aluminum clad wood sliding patio doors is the modernized operating system. The door then gently lifts away from the frame which then allows the door to be moved into the desired position effortlessly.

Improved Energy Efficiency Means Lower Heating Bills

It is important to make sure that your aluminum clad wood sliding patio door provider meets at least the rigorous international certification standards. Opting for a brand that you trust with the energy performance of your sliding patio doors is crucial when deciding on which brand to purchase from.

Panoramic Views With Clear Sight Lines

You will always have a beautiful and clear view with sliding patio doors no matter if it’s open or closed. The large fixed panels from top to bottom offer clear sight lines, especially when your frames consist of aesthetically pleasing slim profiles.

Unlike bi-fold doors, the sliding patio door can be customized so that there are no interruptions with sight lines due to more frames.



Technical Features

  • Material: Wood-Aluminum
  • Uf=1.2-1.5 W(m²K)
  • Glass Thickness: 32-52mm

 Designed for

  • Oceanfront properties
  • Extra large openings
  • Single family homes

 Available types

  • Lift&Slide

Other Window Systems:

Vinyl (uPVC) Patio Openings

LiftSlide offers unobstructed views, abundant light, security and the ability to operate the door with unparalleled ease.
Vinyl (uPVC) Patio Openings

Aluminum Patio Openings

Use of high grade aluminum gives additional structural strength, which allows us to create a better glass to frame ratio. You get a product that is aesthetically pleasing, low maintenance, requires no re-sealing or yearly treatments, and they are far better sound insulators helping to eliminate outdoor noises.

Aluminum Patio Openings

Slim Aluminum Patio Openings

Thermally improved three-chamber system for windows and doors that combines ultimate elegance, elevated strength and energy efficiency.

Slim Aluminum Patio Openings