Mid-Rise Solutions

Curtain walls play an important role in architecture to not only protect mid-rise buildings against the harshest elements, but also to improve vertical stability. Because fewer stability concerns exist for buildings low to the ground, curtain walls are not typically designed for single or two-story buildings. In mid-rise buildings, the window performance factors that are important are the U value, which measures thermal performance (keeps winter heat in), and the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (keeps summer sun’s heat out).

Curtain Walls and Efficiency

When choosing the curtain wall system a few things are to be considered. If an improvement of energy use is required, then I might be more effective to use a thermally-broken unitized system or stick design.


With deeper frames and the advantage of having undergone rigorous life cycle testing, the TFS windows and doors offer a higher-performing product with design flexibility and a variety of installation systems.


Curtain Walls

Glass Railing

Vinyl uPVC


Aluminum + Wood

Slim Aluminum