Slim Aluminum Patio Openings

The Hi-Finity door is designed so that the outer frame can be concealed behind the surrounding wall, making wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling glass a real possibility. What is more, it is also possible to design two Hi-Finity doors that sit perpendicular to each other on adjacent walls; they can either meet in the corner with two fixed panes of glass or you can have the two opening door leafs meeting at the corner without a fixed corner post. When both doors are open, the ceiling above appears to defy gravity, creating a really stunning architectural feature.

Hi-Finity doors are structurally glazed, meaning the structure of the door is in the glass and not the surrounding framework. This makes it possible for the aluminium frame to be ultra-thin. What’s more, the outer frame is designed so that it can be concealed behind the wall. This revolutionary design means the only exposed part of the frame is a 35mm interlock between glass panels, meaning whole rooms can be flooded with light easily.

Hi-Finity sliding doors are ideal for buildings that do not require more energy than they can produce themselves – so called zero energy buildings. They are also perfect for buildings constructed for ultra-low energy consumption. Industry-leading levels of insulation means Hi-Finity sliding doors help retain heat generated from passive sources – such as natural light, human body warmth, and electrical appliances – enabling these items to contribute to the general warming of the home.

 Technical Features

  • Able to carry the weight of a large sliding glass pane up to 750 kilograms. Fixed panels up to 1200 kg.
  • Visible width meeting section: 35 mm
  • Glass thickness: 36 - 54 mm
  • Thermal break: Fibreglass reinforced polyamide strips
  • Thermal insulation (Uf)=1,4 W/m²K

 Designed for

  • Oceanfront properties
  • Extra large openings
  • Single family homes

 Available types

  • Lift&Slide

Other Window Systems:

Vinyl (uPVC) Patio Openings

LiftSlide offers unobstructed views, abundant light, security and the ability to operate the door with unparalleled ease.
Vinyl (uPVC) Patio Openings

Aluminum Patio Openings

Use of high grade aluminum gives additional structural strength, which allows us to create a better glass to frame ratio. You get a product that is aesthetically pleasing, low maintenance, requires no re-sealing or yearly treatments, and they are far better sound insulators helping to eliminate outdoor noises.
Aluminum Patio Openings

Aluminum + Wood Patio Openings

Slide systems have a stylish and impressive look. This system carries innovative designs for heat and sound insulation, resistance to weather conditions, ease of cleaning and opening possibilities in various combinations.

Aluminum Wood Patio Openings