About TFS

Custom facade solutions, engineering approach, creativity, accountability, and trust.

We are a team of engineers and dedicated professionals who firmly believe in the highest quality window and door systems with superior performance. Our mission is to source the most effective products by satisfying your project budget without compromise on quality and performance. 

Our team specializes in European engineered profile systems made of aluminum, uPVC (vinyl), and aluminum + wood materials. We are a technology-integrated business driven by precision accuracy from the start. Our window and door solutions reduce energy consumption in buildings more than ever before and comply with Net Zero and Passive Home requirements by delivering an exceptional look and architectural European touch to your very special project. We are determined to find a door and window solution for your home at your budget!

Our Core Values

Integrity: TFS is honest and has strong moral principles

Constant Improvement: Always looking forward to having a better solution for our clients

Hard Work: A team that never stops

Responsibility: TFS has responsibility from the first contact until the product delivery

Our Vision

We are not just a window company, we are a facade company, which means that we are capable of providing unique custom facade solutions for any type of the building. A window company produces two or three window types which are standard and they produce it forever, we are on the other hand having a different approach which is more engineering, we are trying to understand the client’s goal to provide them with the most suitable design, highest quality and at the best price!

Our Mission

Offering the highest quality of window and door products to all customers across North America.