Custom Home Solutions

Our scope of work:

  • Oversize glazing;
  • Energy-efficient windows and doors;
  • Slim thermally broken aluminum windows, doors, patio doors, skylights, entrance doors;
  • All types of residential applications: Lift and Slide doors, Swing doors, Tilt, Tilt and Turn Windows, Fixed Windows, Corner Glazing, etc.

In a span of the last decade, facade technologies have advanced significantly. When it comes to high-performance windows, doors and patio openings, heat gain and loss through windows account for up to 50% of a home’s heating and cooling needs. Total Facade Solutions offers a wide variety of standard and specialty windows that complement Net Zero and Passive House standards as well as it complements both modern and traditional architecture.

Advances in window technology such as double glazing and Low-E coatings substantially reduce heat loss and gains. Look for ENERGY STAR or National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) labels to be sure you are getting high-efficiency windows. Low conductance materials, such as wood, vinyl, and fiberglass perform better than aluminum. Look for “thermal breaks” where aluminum frames are used in heating-dominated climates to avoid condensation. Insulated frames, including insulating spacers between glazings, also perform better than uninsulated frames.

For homeowners, TFS delivers durable, high-performance, energy-efficient, sustainable facades solutions that maximize the performance of both materials and systems technology. For architects and builders, we bring visions to life in virtually any design or material.

High-performance, energy-efficient windows can offer you:

  • Quieter home interior — multiple panes and insulated frames block outside noise.
  • Reduced fading of curtains, furniture, and flooring — low-emissivity (solar window) coatings can block up to 98% of UV rays.
  • Reduced utility bills — houses lose less heat in winter and absorb less heat in summer.
  • Improved quality windows are made from better-quality materials easier to operate and carry extended warranties.