Energy Star

ENERGY STAR® is an internationally recognized logo that indicates a high level of energy-efficiency.

What does the ENERGY STAR® label mean?

In the most simple way to say it is energy-efficiency (Low-E) of windows and doors. It is a great long-term investment in comfort and value for your family and your home.

Thanks to modern technology, today’s ENERGY STAR qualified windows and doors provide greater savings than ever before. Replacing old windows with ENERGY STAR qualified solutions can reduce monthly utility payments up to 15%. Reducing energy consumption also reduces a home’s carbon footprint.

Certified by an independent accredited quality and energy efficiency agency, ENERGY STAR® windows can reduce condensation and outside noise, reduce heating costs, protect against sun exposure and fading, and improve comfort by controlling temperature during hot and cold seasons.

Insulation benefits

Many older houses were built with single glazing with low insulation or resistance to heat flow. Some windows have metal frames that conduct heat into the house during the hot months and out of the house during the colder months.

What ENERGY STAR® windows can offer?

  • Reducing energy costs, increasing comfort.
  • Low-emissivity (Low-E) coatings
  • Increased windows’ insulation U-value and energy efficiency.
  • Low conductivity spacer bars that prevent heat loss and minimize drafts.
  • Lower overall heat loss ratings (U-values), meaning greater comfort with less energy used.
  • Heat transfer between the inside and outside of a home is slowed.
  • Heat reflection that keeps the sun out during summertime and keeps rooms from feeling drafty during the fall and winter.

Low-E windows will return on their investment in a reasonably short period of time, as well as provide a reduction in energy bills for years. There is increased personal comfort near windows, a reduction in the furniture and window treatment fading, and in mildew and deterioration of the window frame.