Akotherm – AT 500 CC

The AT 500 CC system is designed for large glass facades and has a 50 mm / 1.97 Inch bezel. Different requirements can be met with different strut and transom profiles. You can use various inserts such as doors or top hung windows. The system was developed to complement the well-known transom/transom facade AT500 F  with a modern thermal insulation concept and thus reduce energy losses to a minimum – even suitable for Passive Houses.


Thermal insulationYes
Exterior shapesFlat
Panel typeAluminium

Technical Characteristics*

Glazing typeDouble


Thermal insulation (Uf)up to 0.67 W / (m² K)
Water tightnessRE 1050
Wind load resistanceE5 / 15
Acoustic performance50 dB
Airtightness max. test pressureAE


Sash weightup to 650 kg


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