Reynaers – BS 40

BS 40 system consists of elements with z-shaped or curved bars. These sliding shutters are located outside the windows and can be removed from the windowpane by sliding them horizontally. 

BS 40 panels are available in various sliding configurations, from one to three panels one after the other. This makes it ideal for controlling entrance lighting and indoor comfort levels. The BS 40 system is available with various mounting options allowing installation in front of facades, between floors, or in any combination. This makes it an extremely versatile application.


Max dimensions (HxW)3000×2000 mm / 118×78.7 inch
Thermal insulationNon-insulated
Exterior shapesZ-shaped or curved
Panel typeAluminium/wood ( optional)


Types of typologyShading (can be motorized)
Sash weight100 kg


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