Deceuninck – Legend Slide

Legend Slide combines the simple operation of lift and slide system and with the exceptional sealing capability of tilt and slide. The door system offers in various formats, such as an outer frame of 149mm / 5.9 Inch, 76mm / 3 Inchsash with 5 chambers in class B, TPE weldable gaskets and glass thickness options from 24mm / 0.94 Inch up to 52mm / 2 Inch.

Sash movement occurs with guide locking parts and running car sets on a different axis. The continuous all-round seal and the guiding and locking elements in all four corners of the sash ensure a tight seal for stringent energy efficiency requirements.


Thermal insulationYes
Exterior shapesFlat, curved
Panel typeuPVC (Vinyl)

Technical Characteristics*

Min. Visible width frame-vent
80mm / 3.1 Inch
Glazing typeDouble – Triple


Thermal insulation (Uf)1.4 W/m2K


Types of typologyMonorail with Single side sliding or two sides fixed and center opening


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