Alunond – Lite

Lite system is a specialized aluminum composite display panel designed for advertising signage and displays. It consists of two layers of the aluminum sheath with varying gloss levels from 30 to 80%, between which there is polyethylene or fire-resistant core. The top surface is finished with a structured lacquer system in oven enamel and the back surface is finished or lacquered with polyester lacquer.


Standard Width1250 mm / 49.2 Inch
Available Widths1000 mm / 39.3 Inch, 1500 mm / 59 Inch, 1550 mm / 61 Inch
Standard Length2500 mm / 98.4 Inch
Available Lengthsup to 5800 mm / 228.3 Inch
Available Thickness2-6 mm / 0.08-0.2 Inch

Technical Characteristics*

Thickness of Panel≈ 0.2
Thickness of Skin≈ 0.05
Bow≈ 0.5% of length
Squareness≈ 0.5% of length


Abrasive resistance60 liters/mil Min
Salt spray resistanceBlister – 10 scribe 8 after 3000 Hrs, Salt fod & 30°C
Gloss Retention90% after 4000 Hrs
Peel of strength10 to 12 N/mm


Tensile strength5408 psi (37.3 Mpa)
Yield strength3737psi (25-8 Mpa)


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