Alumil – M13800

High quality insulated frames for roller shutters installed over the window frame. Whether flat or curved, they are compatible with numerous extruded bars and provide sufficient shading and increased safety.


Max dimensions (HxW)3800×5000 mm / 149.6×196.85 Inch
Thermal insulationYes
Exterior shapesFlat, curved
Panel typeAluminum
Column dimension14×19, 18×19, 22×22/ 5.5×7.5, 7×7.5, 8.7×8.7


Thermal insulation (Uf)Usb 2.1(14×19), 2.1(18×19), 2.0(22×22) W/m²Κ

Types of typology*

Types of typologyShading and security



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