Alumil – PG120p MYKONOS

PG120p MYKONOS is a system with rotating louvers that adjust solar shading and with total rain protection. It is ideal for converting an open-air space into a cozy place for rest or work. PG120p MYKONOS embraces bioclimatic technology and provides controlled conditions.


Max dimensions (HxW)height 3.0m, width 4.5m and length 6.2m / H118.11, W177.2, L244.1 Inch
Thermal insulationNo
Panel typeAluminium
Column dimension120 x 120 mm / 4.72 x 4.72 Inch


Types of typology4-sash and 4+4-sash typologies
Snow weightup to 300Kg/m2 or 2.0 m of snow


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