Receiving and unloading

All Total facade solutions Windows and Doors will be shipped to your job site location in the original packaging, as they were packed into the container at the factory in Europe.

The container is picked up from the factory via truck, transported to a port, and loaded on a ship for its journey across the ocean. Once the container arrives in the US or Canada, it will either be placed on a train or a truck to be delivered to your job site. The size of your container will either be 20’ long or 40’ long, so clear access to the job site is important. In some cases, when several orders come in one container we pick it up at the port, deliver it to our warehouse. We unload the container, checking the quantity and quality of the original packing. After that, we make a delivery schedule and bring your order to your job site by the crate. Unpacking at location always takes place in the presence of a customer representative.

The amount of time it takes to transport your order depends on the location of delivery in Canada and the US.
Once your order has arrived at the site there are a number of tools and pieces of equipment that will make the unload process smooth, efficient, and safe.

The receiving and unloading of your TFS Windows and Doors will be dependent on several factors. The amount of time it will take to unload the container will depend on access to your job site, site conditions, the number of workers, and the number and sizes of your order.

e have seen unload processes go as fast as 2 hours, and as long as 8 hours.