Alubond – Stainless steel

TFS offers an option for Stainless Steel Composite panels using three finishes: matte hairline, matte, and mirrored. They are designed to add a sophisticated look to exterior and interior cladding, highlighting the natural beauty and metallic hue of stainless steel. This composite also retains the flatness, rigidity, and lightness, and ease of fabrication required for complex architectural and technical projects.


Standard Width6000 mm/980 mm (236.2/38.6 Inch), 1200 mm / 47.2 Inch
Available Widths980 mm / 38.6 Inch, 1200 mm / 47.2 Inch
Available LengthsAny length upto 6000 mm / 236.2 Inch
Available Thickness0.3 mm and 0.4 mm

Technical Characteristics*

Thickness of Skin0.3 mm and 0.4mm
Bow< 0.5% of the length
Squareness< 0.5% of the length


Abrasive resistance60 liters/mil Min
Gloss Retention90% after 4000 Hrs
Peel of strength10 to 12 N/mm


Tensile strength5408 psi (37.3 Mpa)
Yield strength3737psi (25-8 Mpa)


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