Albond – WCS 5000

WCS 5000 can be produced in the shortest possible time from the highest quality aluminum composite panels in RAL color and in color other than the standard. WCS5000 is specially engineered for the facades and inside of your architectural projects, private buildings, residential buildings, hospitals, airports, and many other areas.


Standard Width1000 mm-1250 mm-1500 mm and 2000 mm
Available Widths1250 ve 1500 mm
Available Lengthsup to 6000 mm
Available Thicknessfrom 0.2 mm to 1.2 mm thickness

Technical Characteristics*

Thickness of Panel≈ 0.2
Thickness of Skin0,10 mm/0,5 mm


Abrasive resistance40 liters/mil Min
Salt spray resistance10 scribe 8 after 3000 Hrs, Salt fod & 30°C
Gloss Retention5 – 85 %


Tensile strength4,8 kg/mm²
Yield strength4.1 kg/mm²
Elongationl0=5,65 A0¹²- %


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